Build A Better Breakfast With Fresh Thyme

Breakfast is often called the most important meal of the day, but how valuable it is to your health depends on what you eat.

From Farm To Fresh Thyme - How Produce Gets To Your Store

Americans spend a lot of time picking out fresh produce—the best apples, the freshest greens, the ripest tomatoes.

Heart-Healthy Pantry

Ready to make your pantry work a little harder for your health? Here are some strategies.

Plant-Based Frozen Foods At Fresh Thyme

It’s easier than ever to go meat-free when you shop at Fresh Thyme.

Root Vegetables = Winter Goodness

Root vegetables and tubers have long shelf lives. Depending on the type, they can stay fresh for two weeks to several months if stored in a cool, dark place.

Sweet Snacks

See 5 easy dessert hacks that take ready made Fresh Thyme desserts and turn them into something completely unique—and undeniably delicious!

Lunch with a Punch

Try these easy lunch ideas to keep you and your kids happy, healthy, and energized!

Wild Game Taco Soup

Watch with wonder as our video shows how to make a delicious, wild game taco soup with elk and venison.

Immunity for All Ages

How to improve your immune system—through a combination of nutritious foods, high-quality supplements, and a healthy lifestyle.

Bento Box School Lunch

Customize healthful lunches, boost brain power, and fuel physical energy—with appetizing and nutritious foods served in fun and convenient bento boxes from Fresh Thyme

Discover Fresh Thyme Dairy

We source our dairy products from farmers who don’t use antibiotics, synthetic hormones, pesticides, or GMOs, and our organic farmers adhere to the USDA’s strict National Organic Standard. And for those who are avoiding dairy, shop our extensive selection of plant-based alternatives.

Tips To Make The Season Even Better

Fresh Thyme Market is a one-stop shop for an impressive selection of ingredients you can trust, at prices you’ll appreciate. And with an array of better for you products that don’t require tons of prep, hosting is easier than ever.

All Is Calm, All Is Bright

Holiday peace comes through small quiet moments and a focus on what matters most.

Have A Guest On A Special Diet? Let Us Help!

What happens when you or a guest is following a specific diet? Here are a few ways to adapt your meals.

Wine Pairing Guide

These wine and cheese pairings are perfect for entertaining or for enjoying an evening with someone special. Press play to see our suggestions.

Love, Laughter, Gifts And Great Meals For The Holidays

Fresh Thyme is your holiday one-stop shop for decking the halls, setting the table, and stuffing the stockings.

Fresh Thyme Top Essentials

Reset, Energize, Calm or Clean with these Essential Oils


Get a nutritional boost from superfoods in a brand-new way: Powdered and ready to add to almost any recipe!

Superfood It!

The most nutritionally dense foods rich in vitamins and minerals can be considered a superfood. Your local Fresh Thyme Farmers Market has superfoods in virtually every aisle!

Pantry Swaps

Swap the bad for the good. Here are 10 heart-smart pantry staples you can switch out without sacrificing taste—from steel cut oats batting for cereal, to farro sending rice to the dugout, to dark chocolate switch hitting for milk chocolate.

Steak Out!

Pick and Choose the Right Steak for the Right Occasion

Learn How To Make Kabobs 3 Ways

Who loves food on a stick? We do! Check out our video for 3 Kabob recipes: Fruit Kabobs, Ahi Tuna Kabobs and Veggie Kabobs. Fire up the grill and tonight you’ll be crowned Grill Master, if only by your family!

Go With Your Gut

Want to improve digestion and GI tract health? It’s time for a gut check!

Better-For-You Grilling

Add a Little Sizzle with Seasonal Produce Favorites

Flexible Meal Planning

Take the Guess Work Out of Dinner Tonight

Naturally Sweet Baking

Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth with These Sweet Options

Plant Powered

The world is filled with plant-based protein. We’ve narrowed down the options to five categories with top foods in each category.

Thyme To Eat Clean

Trying to eat cleaner? The steps are simple when you focus on enjoying whole, natural foods.