Author: Fresh Thyme Farmers Market


Get a nutritional boost from superfoods in a brand-new way: Powdered and ready to add to almost any recipe!

Superfoods are nutritionally dense foods believed to offer substantial health benefits. While there’s no set criteria for determining what makes a food “super,” they are typically those that contain high levels of vitamins, minerals, and other elements. Kale, broccoli, berries, nuts, and seeds all fall into this camp. Powders of these superfoods make the nutrients more accessible and easier to incorporate into recipes and diet.
Filled with immune-boosting antioxidants that also support brain health, açaí powder is best mixed in with chocolate or added to smoothies.
Beetroot powder is packed with a natural form of nitrates that help cardiovascular health by allowing blood to flow through the body more freely, and it may help manage blood pressure.
Goji berries are filled with fiber to keep tummy troubles at bay. They also contain powerful antioxidants that help promote vision health. Add the tart-sweet powder to cookies and other baked goods, savory rice dishes, and sauces or dressings.
This bright green tea-leaf powder is loaded with antioxidants and amino acids that help boost brain health. Use it as a tea or in lattes; sprinkle it on ice cream.
Packed with polyphenols (an antioxidant) that help promote cardiovascular health as well as nitric oxide (which promotes blood flow throughout the body), this deliciously tart powder adds great flavor to soups, stews, curry dishes, hummus, and oatmeal.
Add this microalgae powder—and its complete set of essential and nonessential amino acids—to smoothies, pesto, and omelets.
This spice, long used for its anti-inflammatory properties, is delicious in both savory dishes and smoothies.